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Radio International

Our Workshop

This is where all the magic happens. Our new workshop here in Mid Michigan is 4 times larger than our old one and has several new pieces of test equipment that we did not have before. This will expand our capabilities as well as make our diagnostic capabilities much greater. This translates to a higher quality of servie to our customers. Who have already been knocking at our door. It is state of the art ( for 1949) blended with state of the art for 2013. These two combine to make one of the finest repair shops in the country. With a lot of speciality test equipment not shown, we can repair most anything.

From a simple AA5 radio to the complex MacIntosh high FI i equipment and everything in between. Although we specialize in Zenith especially the Trans oceanic tube type radios. We work on pretty much everything. I maintain  digital schematic  library of over 250,000 radios and a Sam's library for maybe 45,000 more, we include on with every radio we repair. I have been repairing these old Beauties since way before they were considered Antiques. Since we believe they were put on this earth for us to look after them, each one gets treated as if it was our own.‚Äč